Products for Curly Hair

Natural Hair Care Products for Curly Hair and Straight Hair

Both curly hair and straight hair have very unique characteristics and, therefore, unique needs, but they are similar in many ways, too.

For instance, straight hair tends to get oily quicker as the natural oils have a smoother path to travel. People with straight hair usually wash more often. Curly hair, on the other hand, tends to be drier, so it needs less washing.

While these differences may affect the number of washes each hair type needs, the hair requires similar care. Both still need to be washed with organic shampoo as traditional shampoos can strip all of the natural moisture.

And even though straight hair may become oily faster does not mean that the hair does not need to retain moisture. Additionally, although curly hair can become tangled and break much more easily, both curly and straight hair can benefit from a natural detangler to prevent breakage during brushing.

The bottom line is that no matter the hair type, proper care and moisturizing are important because all hair is subject to breaking, frizzing, tangling, and dryness.

Whether you are looking for products for straight hair or products for curly hair, Benu Products has what you need. Our items are formulated with organic ingredients that help all hair types. Take a look at our natural detangler, moisturizer, edge smoother, and more for products to help your hair grow strong and healthy- no matter what type of hair you have.