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A Lesson Learned About My Hair

A Lesson Learned About My Hair

On the day of my student orientation for Cass Technical High school my mother was hot curling my hair in the kitchen. We were running late so she was in a hurry. When the phone rang she ran into the living room to answer it (there were no cellular phones 🙂) When she returned to the kitchen she picked up the curling iron and immediately started to curl my hair. In those days you placed the curler close to the roots and then as you manipulated the curling iron the ends would move slowly into the barrel. Needless to say, the iron was too hot. She stopped talking mid- sentence and I could smell this strange odor that I can now identify as burning hair. I was trying to figure out what happened when I finally noticed an entire patch of hair, 11 + inches long lying on the floor. I was in shock and so disheartened. Before I could get a word out, she said “It will grow back. It is only hair.”

All I could think about while she was finishing my hair was how bad I felt about that patch. My dad and I went to the orientation and I remember them saying it would be difficult and that I would need to study more than I ever had. I remember listening to Lou Rawls on the way back. I remember being happy, excited, and scared all at the same time. Do you know what I do not remember? I do not remember anything about the hair that was lost. I do not remember worrying about if or when it would grow back. I do not remember having to explain the missing hair to anyone. I moved on and just like my mother said, it did grow back, and it was only hair. So many of us have experienced stress and pain associated with our hair. I want to encourage hope. I believe that whatever problems we have with our hair God will either help us to solve them or change the way we feel about them.

If you have a story of hope related to your hair, please share.

Blessings, ❤️


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