Natural Hair Care Techniques

Natural Hair Care Techniques

Choosing natural hair care techniques is a wise decision, but knowing where to start and what steps to take can be daunting. Here are some steps to using a natural hair care technique in your daily life:


Your hair needs to be cleaned regularly but not too often as shampoos can strip your hair. It is best to cleanse your hair no more than a couple of times a week for oily hair and no more than once a week for dry hair. It is also important to use a natural moisturizing shampoo or a co wash to reduce the risk of drying out the hair.

Use a Hair Strengthener

A natural hair strengthener helps to restore and retain moisture in your hair, improving the strength and elasticity. Our Thirst Quencher is an excellent hair strengthener, and it doubles as a deep conditioner.

Add A Natural Hair Detangler

Combing or brushing tangled hair can quickly and easily lead to breakage. By adding a natural hair detangler, like our Friction Ease, the hair is softened and slippery so that combing and removing tangles becomes a breeze.

Reduce Heat

Try to avoid heated styling tools, such as curling irons and blow dryers, at all costs. If you must use them, do so no more than once a week and be sure to use a heat protector.

Put Scarves to Work

There are several situations in which one’s hair might rub against a damaging object, such as the collar of a coat or pillowcases. Our silk scarves are an excellent way to protect your hair from potential rubbing, while you are sleeping, or when you are trying to smooth your edges. Using a silk scarf not only protects the hair, but they also help prevent the need for additional products and excessive combing and brushing.

Add these natural products and steps to your daily hair care routine for beautiful, healthy, natural hair.