When I first started using Benu Thirst Quencher, the product helped me develop more waves in my hair. This was after I had a high top fade. It made my waves deeper and widened them across my head. Before using this product, I was never able to create waves on my crown, however, this product was able to produce waves there too. The product also had an added benefit…… thicker facial hair. It helped thicken and lengthen my beard and mustache. This product is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I am spreading the word about Benu. It is just that GREAT!!!!!! I am doing this because I want people to experience better connections and deeper waves. AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!!!



The first thing I noticed when I used Benu Thirst Quencher was a change in the texture of my hair. I immediately noticed how soft it felt. My main reason for using it was to help grow my hair. After using it twice daily, I noticed that my hair seemed thicker and shiner. I love how every application I used made it feel softer. Also, I love how it can also be a daily conditioner, as well as, a deep conditioner. It also helps maintain my curl pattern. It is a product I will definitely use for the rest of my days! My hair has grown at least four inches since I began using the product. I absolutely love it.